Danielle was born and raised in rural Minnesota where she currently lives with her husband, Kory, and five-year old son, Easton. She has been supporting her family with online poker since 2004. Bluff Magazine named her one of poker’s "Leading Ladies" and noted that many estimates have “dmoongirl” as the winningest female cash game player in online poker history. BET RAISE FOLD follows Danielle as she pursues her dream of sponsorship in order to secure a better future for her family.

TONY DUNST, aka “Bond18”

Tony always knew he wanted to see the world and online poker became his passport. After winning a tournament package to Australia on Party Poker, he spent five years trying to emigrate there as he continuously traveled the world playing poker.  He ultimately returned to America and scored the much coveted job as the host of “The Raw Deal” — a brand new segment on the World Poker Tour. BET RAISE FOLD follows Tony as he adapts to his role as a poker celebrity and his first real job.    

MARTIN BRADSTREET, aka “AlexeiMartov”

Martin has been a games-player all his life. An early obsession with chess and then Starcraft led to his discovery of online poker. He was instantly enamored with the game and dedicated himself to understanding the optimal strategies. His newfound obsession propelled him forward, into playing the biggest games in the world while simultaneously exploring a passion for travel, food and live performance with his band (also named Alexei Martov). 


  • Aaron Wilt

    Online Pro - WiltOnTilt

  • Adam Pliska

    President, World Poker Tour

  • Ariel Schneller

    Online Pro - FoxwoodsFiend

  • BJ Nemeth

    Poker Reporter/Photographer 

  • Chris Vitch

    Online Pro - DeathDonkey

  • Dani Stern

    Online Pro - Ansky

  • Daniel Negreanu

    Poker Professional

  • David Schwartz

    Director - Center for Gaming Research, UNLV

  • Greg Raymer

    2004 World Champion

  • I. Nelson Rose

    Online Gaming Lawyer / Law Professor

  • Jay Newnum

    Poker Reporter/Photographer

  • Jesse May

    Author - “Shut Up and Deal”

  • Justin Bonomo

    Online Pro - ZeeJustin

  • Mike Sexton

    Commentator - World Poker Tour

  • Noah Stevens-Davidowitz

    Co-founder - Subject Poker

  • Nolan Dalla

    Media Director - WSOP

  • Paul McGuire

    Author - “Lost Vegas”

  • Phil Galfond

    Online Pro - OMGClayAiken

  • Stuart Hoegner

    Online Gaming Lawyer

  • Tom Dwan

    Online Pro - durrrr

  • Vanessa Selbst

    Poker Professional